Premature Ejaculation don't affect your relationship

Premature Ejaculation Isn't The End of The World

Experience only if both the spouses reach orgasm in precisely the same moment.

Satisfaction of this spouse depends on your capability to'stay-in' longer. If

you get to orgasm before your partner does, it does not fulfill her and is

a humiliation for you. Many men and women ejaculate early due to anxiety or

higher excitement. It lowers the pleasure and adversely affects the sex life span of a few. This issue is termed as early ejaculation (PE). It is defined

as an inability to complete sexual intercourse due to an early orgasm. It

is a very common problem found in men and one out of ten guys encounter this


Do you suffer from early



Each person has a different intensity,

Endurance and sexual drive and thus the standard timing required to satisfy the

spouse differs from person to person. It is known that in ordinary physical and psychological conditions, if a person reaches climax and ejaculates before two

minutes after penetration or contact, suffers from premature ejaculation. You

are able to know if you have the problem of premature ejaculation when you ejaculate

within 2 minutes of penetration. Also, if due to sexual dissatisfaction,

you can develop a mental condition like stress, depression, distress,

frustration or avoid sexual intimacy or associations due to the lack of


Causes of premature ejaculation

Many Distinct factors result in the condition of premature

ejaculation. Emotional factors such as anxiety, depression,

frustration, guilt, anxiety, social issues, a new spouse, sexual

experience, age and the time prior to the previous ejaculation may cause this

issue. Biological aspects which cause the problem include hormone levels,

abnormalities in neurotransmitters, abnormal reflex activity of the ejaculatory

system, thyroid issues, prostrate or urethral infections, injuries and

erectile dysfunction. In rare cases, damaged nervous system because of a trauma

or operation and also a sudden stoppage of taking narcotics or stelazine drugs can

cause premature ejaculation.

Since many people suffer from this Issue, a wide range of

Medicines are on the market for treating this condition. Herbal

drugs and people with high content of natural ingredients are best acceptable for

curing premature ejaculation without any side effects at all. Different kinds of

drugs for treating P. E. are popular.

Long lasting condoms

Condoms may increase and enhance the sexual performance of men.

This coating is extremely active and gives you

more control over ejaculation resulting in longer sexual enjoyment and time for

extreme orgasms.

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Nowadays, the treatments for treating premature ejaculation are

Widely accepted and millions of people have benefited by these drugs. If you

Are suffering from PE, you can try any of the organic medications out there for

Better sexual pleasure and more fun.